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I consume, convert, and deliver information with clarity, creating engaging articles, easy-to-read manuals, flyers, social media posts, scripts, and much much more.


I have just under 30 years experience and connections in Canada’s game development space at all levels, on dozens of digital and tabletop games.


I organize the endless challenges of product development as well as the complexities of personnel interactions and professional growth.


I excel at unraveling challenges, leveraging creativity, and applying analytical thinking to devise innovative solutions that surpass expectations and drive success.


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Fun Fact

20 Games Released

75+ Articles Published

10 Album & Book Designs

10 Years Podcasting



January 2004 – Current

Founder / Project Lead / Studio Manager

Kerberos Productions Inc.

I’m the founder, senior producer, and studio manager of our indie game dev team, overseeing business operations and ensuring project success. Independent game development is a challenging path, but it has also been a rewarding experience.

September 2023 – Current

Writer / Consultant

Antler Studios

I was asked to consult with Antler Studios, contributing to pitch documents for film and TV projects and co-authoring a cookbook for one of their shows. I will be helping on a biographical documentary later in 2024.

July 2015 – Current


The Crossrip Podcast

After two decades of managing a prominent Ghostbusters fan website, I transitioned into co-hosting a podcast dedicated to the franchise. This shift led to reporting from premieres, contributing to books, interviewing numerous filmmakers, and recording a commentary track for a Blu-ray release.

November 2000 – June 2006

Columnist / Interviewer


I authored a column on classic cinema and television while also providing reviews of contemporary films and DVDs. Additionally, I visited film sets, conducting interviews with popular actors and directors.

August 1999 – October 2003

Senior Designer

Barking Dog Studios / Rockstar Vancouver

For five years, I served as a senior game designer, specializing in PC strategy games for industry leaders such as Sierra, Disney, and Rockstar. Following Rockstar’s acquisition of the company, I contributed to pre-production on Bully and a design whitepaper for the still years off Grand Theft Auto Online.

February 1997 – August 1999

QA / Level Designer

Radical Entertainment

Everybody starts somewhere and for me it was at Radical Entertainment where I began in quality assurance before ultimately moving up to level design.




University of Calgary

I studied 20th century military history while working as an editor at The Gauntlet newspaper.




Throughout my life I attended a long stream of professional development summits and writers workshops, as well as obtaining an introduction to filmmaking certificate from The Vancouver Film School and an open-water diving certificate.

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Game Design

Sound Design

Project Management


Studio Management

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Chris Bell

Social Media / SEO / Content Consultant

Chris is always imaginative, collaborative, and understanding. Anyone who has a chance to work with this gentleman – do it. His professionalism, class and long term thinking brings value to whatever he is involved in.

Arinn Dembo

Writer / Full-stack Narrative Designer

Chris Stewart is one of the strongest all-around professionals in the game development industry, a producer who can manage scheduling, contracts, team dynamics and PR tours with equal competence. He has a number of rare qualities, including his many years of experience, his network of contacts, and his personal charm, which allow him to navigate even the most difficult situations with grace and calm.

Ted DiNola

Developer Relations @ Meta

Chris is an excellent producer, and makes juggling the myriad tasks of the game development environment seem easy. He was always quick to address and resolve any concerns I had in completing my tasks, and always maintained a smooth demeanor even under a hectic schedule.

portfolio (WIP)

Cleanin’ Up The Town Documentary

Research Assets

Planetary Control!

Crowd Funding / Game Dev / Manufacturing

The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets

CD Graphic Design

Ghostbusters Anniversary Blu-ray

Commentary Track

The Pit: The Boardgame

Crowd Funding / Game Dev / Manufacturing

Franchise Patches

Fabric Patch Design

Podcasting / Interviews

Host / Interviewer / Guest / PR

Penny Arcade Interview


Homeworld: Cataclysm

Game Dev / Voice Acting

The Heebee-Jeebees

CD Graphic Design

The Western Investor / Feisty

CD Graphic Design

Hoards of Glory

Crowd Funding / Game Dev / Manufacturing


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